The Vision:
The goal of this class is to introduce people to Jesus, reveal the very basics of Christian theology, teach people to hear from the Lord, give them tools to study the Word on their own, and open time for personal questions. This is a space where we can go deep and ask the uncomfortable things. We will bring everything to the Word, and work to humbly lead people to the kindness of Jesus. Our prayer is that His kindness would lead them to repentance, and they would come to the saving faith in Jesus through this time.

The Audience:
These classes are for everyone, believers, and non-believers alike. We have found that many Christians have questions regarding faith and Jesus. If they cannot go to a safe, biblically grounded place to ask them, they end up going to the world for their answers. We believe truth is found in Jesus alone, so we aim to lead people to Him for their answers through these classes. We also pray that non-believers or Christian- curious people attend and are introduced to Jesus through this time. This is a safe place for all people to come, learn, and grow together as we, Sean and Marissa, lead and teach these classes.

This school runs on an 8-week cycle, but we are open to continue meeting after the 8 weeks as Holy Spirit leads. We believe discipleship and mentorship is crucial in the Church, and it is our prayer that these groups form deep relationships and connections for life-long discipleship and growth.

Class is Sundays from 3pm until about 5pm. Each class starts with coffee/ tea/ snacks and fellowship time. We pray and then launch into structured teaching time. After that, we open the floor for questions and discussion, guided by us: Sean and Marissa. Following discussion, we pray and open a time of soaking/ worship. We use this time to apply the things we learned and spend time learning to hear from the Lord on our own through journaling, prayer, and personal connection with Him. We then close with more coffee/ tea/ snacks and fellowship time.

We hold loosely to the schedule for the classes. We, Sean and Marissa, pray before each week and work to mildly adjust the discussion times as we feel led and as questions come up. Below is the list of main topics that will be taught during teaching times. Discussion times can always open to other topics as well.

1. The Gospel- what it is, story of salvation, Roman’s road. The Bible- what is it, how to read it, the structure.

2. Who is God/ what is the Trinity? How to hear God’s voice/ personal intimacy with the Lord.

3. Justification versus sanctification. What it means to be on the fence with faith. Old Testament law versus New Testament Covenant- the need for both.

4. Born again- what does it mean, how does it apply to us? Baptism. Our position with God.

5. Discernment. Spiritual warfare. Revelation. Renewing your mind.

6. Difference in believing, receiving, and agreeing. Community and why coming together to learn, pray, and worship is crucial. Roles within the Church

7. Holy Spirit: gifts of the Spirit, fruit of the Spirit, purpose of the Spirit. Time of prayer for everyone for the gifts in their life/ baptism of fire and the Spirit for those who believe but have not received.

8. Impartation week- If anyone gave their lives to Christ, baptism. We will pray and prophecy over everyone. Time of worship and prayer together/ discuss any questions they presented throughout the past 7 weeks.

We are expectant and excited for all God will do through these continued classes. The goal is growth, revelation, and community. All the classes are free. Donations can always be made to Kingdom Builders Ministry INC, but nothing is ever expected or anticipated. Thank you for praying for growth for all those who attend these classes or attending these classes yourself.

Sean and Marissa Busby