Going All In

By Melanie Busby

I like my eggs cooked over-hard: the eggs are fried then flipped until the yolk is cooked hard. I usually make two every morning. What changes is the way I flip them over. I either use a spatula, or I’ll “air flip” the eggs by taking the pan in one hand and flicking my wrist in a forward motion and then back towards me, resulting in a circular movement. The hardest is the “air flip” because of two reasons, the amount of exertion when flipping and the hesitation. For me, the exertion, or forcefulness, is never enough because of the hesitation. I hesitate in the whole circular motion of the flip because I feel like I’m going to fly the eggs up so hard they will either miss the pan and fall on the floor, or they’ll land in the pan “un-flipped”. Either way, the hesitation is there because I don’t have the confidence in myself from time to time to complete the perfect flip of my eggs. The hesitation is there because the constant “what-ifs” bombard my mind, causing anxiety and distress.

This simple task of cooking eggs in the morning turned into a revelation from God. Often I have the same confidence in landing the flip as I do in trusting the Lord’s calling for me. When in such a lowly state, my egg goes splat on the glass cooktop. On the flip side, when I don’t hesitate, delay, overthink or retract, I flip with such finesse, I smile to myself and say well done, Master Chef.

We must go all in when it comes to obedience. If we, for a second over-think, get anxious and falter, and rely on our own fleshly desires of safety and complacency, we will miss the mark. If we constantly look away from the One who smashes the false fears that are the “what-ifs” in our mind, we fall short of the full potential God has given us. We must FOLLOW THROUGH WITH HIS PLAN BY STEPPING OUT IN FAITH, just like following through on the flip of the egg. Don’t stop. Push on. If God gives us a word, a career path, a plan, a piece of wisdom about a situation at hand, we need to go all in and follow His lead, without hesitation. When we obey what He has called us to do, He smiles and says, “‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:23 NLT. It will show in His timing. When we hesitate and our confidence isn’t there, we fall short. We fall short because we can’t do this on our own, and that will show also. 

I know, how are we supposed to discern between our own desires and God’s plans for us in order to obey Him? Sometimes it’s hard when we pray and don’t hear an exact answer we need before making that career move or sending our kids to a specific school, but remember this, whatever path we choose when we can’t see God’s clear answer, He will show up anyway when we continue to abide and obey. 

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’” — Jeremiah 29:11.

If it is His will that we are to be a teacher or move to a different state, it all will work out. If we haven’t heard from Him on the career move and we start it out and it isn’t His will, you will know. He will speak through His word, or maybe through providence. Maybe starting that journey takes you to a different place of employment through a person you met that was sent by God. In the middle of the journey, He will redirect if it wasn’t meant to be and He will speak and guide you onto His path with His plan. Don’t hesitate. Don’t give up. Follow through, and you will see prosperity.  Prosperity in the Gospel isn’t always 100% physical. It’s not always physical blessings following us as we follow His plan. Sometimes it’s that deep seeded peace. Sometimes it’s those relationships around us. Sometimes it’s just knowing we press forward in obedience because we see His glory here.

If it is His will for us that we are to keep painting regardless of a critique (from self or others), or when we fall short and can’t master a technique, it is His gift he gave us and it blesses Him! DON’T BE DEFEATED BY THE OUTSIDE NOISE! DON’T HESITATE! KEEP GOING ALL IN AND IF IT ALIGNS WITH HIS WILL, YOU WILL SEE THE BLESSINGS FLOW!