Let’s Go Fly A Kite

By Melanie Busby

Today was kite flying day at my daughter’s preschool through our church. Some of my fondest memories growing up are flying a kite with my dad at the Valley Forge Park. As kite-flying may seem trivial to some, this was really important to me. I was excited to do this with Nora, but anxiety reared its ugly head thinking about it as well. I don’t fly kites every day, and I didn’t want to disappoint her if it wasn’t going to work. I kept questioning everything: Will I be able to handle getting the kite in the air with Nora while my son Joel is with us? If you know Joel, he is very picky, for example, if a certain temperature isn’t right for him, the day is done for. I guess it’s those terrible twos (he’ll be three this Friday, thank the Lord). Will I be able to get it in the air by myself for her? I guess I could always ask another parent for help, but I would love to be the one to help her do it.
The only kite we had was one I got last year at Costco during this same time. It’s a beautifully colored butterfly and one of those fancy 3D kites. I remember bringing it home and having so much trouble trying to get it to fly. It is beautiful, yet quite intimidating to me. I also didn’t think the other kids and parents would have this type of kite. My thoughts and anxiety wouldn’t have been there if I knew someone like my husband would be there to help me with it. I lacked confidence in myself to get it off the ground. Because I was doing this solo, I decided to go to the dollar store instead and get a less complicated and complex kite, thinking it would be way easier to handle on my own. Even her teacher told me that the dollar store kites last year flew better than some others. So, I dropped her off, went to Dollar Tree, and went back for the kite flying time with my son.
Well, don’t you know, one of the first kites we see up in the air is the SAME BUTTERFLY COSTCO KITE we had at home. I don’t even think it took the father long for him to launch it right up in the air to start enjoying it. I shrugged and began putting the dollar store kite together. Not even a minute in, Joel was about done being there. I was running up and down the open field trying to get our kite to go while listening to Joel sob the whole time that he needed a wipe and wanted to go home. At some point during this trial, one of the little pieces that held one of the connectors broke off the kite. So now the kite was scrunched in the middle and not even making a dent in the wind. I gave up. I didn’t ask for anyone’s help because I knew it was useless. I didn’t ask God to redeem the situation, just walked off the field with my crying son in hand, and now Nora saying she “hated kite-flying day”. As I pulled my truck out of the parking lot watching the kites flying in the wind behind me, I felt defeated. I felt sad I couldn’t accomplish one simple task for my daughter. I was sad I let her down. I wondered why I was the only one on that field not able to put a child’s kite in the air. We were all miserable.
In the middle of the drive home, I realized we still had that beautiful 3D butterfly kite at home in our garage. I thought to myself, there is still hope in making my daughter smile today. I thought to myself, there is still hope in accomplishing something fun with Nora, and what a better way to teach her to never give up then to turn this truck around and go back. So, that’s exactly what I did. I grabbed that kite out of the garage, I prayed to God aloud so that my daughter could hear, and I prayed silently as well that He would turn this day around for us and help get that kite flying.
Don’t you know, within 5 seconds, that kite was so high in the air, I almost peed my pants with excitement. I couldn’t believe it! We were the only ones there now since it was after the time the kids are usually done school, except for the Pastor of the church and his wife and kids, but Nora didn’t care one bit. Her smile was from ear to ear as she held on to that kite that flew higher than the church building.
God spoke to my spirit loud and clear while I watched Nora holding that kite. I remember also praying to Him the night before for more wisdom and discernment for raising my kids healthy and happy, which is even more crazy. And, the revelations began hitting me over and over like continuous waves crashing into the sandy banks of a seashore.
The first was very loud and clear as I was re-telling the story to my sister-in-law:
God spoke boldly today, “Trust me with WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!” Period. This could mean with a wide range of things from your finances to the spiritual gifts that God has gifted you. Do your best with what you already have, and it will shine like heaven when we give it all we got. This will give God the room to show up and do the rest and let it roar! I already had an awesome kite that probably worked perfectly fine on a windy, kite-flying kind of day (and it did). I didn’t need to compare to the ones that I thought would be there. I didn’t have to doubt my abilities with what was already on hand. I had to TRUST GOD that I could fly that kite, just like I must trust Him with the gifts and abilities He has given me. I will be bluntly honest with you all here right now: I compare myself too much with my two sisters-in-law. I see their gifts God has given them and more than sometimes wish I could do all they can do. From drawing to painting, to baking and singing/leading worship (this is just the tip of the iceberg here), I am constantly trying to be competitive because I don’t see my gifts nearly as cool, important, valuable, amazing…you name it.
I was reminded today in this kite-flying moment to trust Him with what he has already gifted me. We should be cheering each other on in the body of Christ, not trying to compare, wish we had otherwise, or put down. When the main goal is to glorify the Lord, we are all players in the game because of each gift God has given us. He created us individually for that reason: to be a team and work together for His work here on earth. If we all had the same gifts, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. Think about that for a minute.
Utilize what He has already given you. I cannot preach this enough. You are worthy and talented in so many ways that doesn’t need to be compared to anything or anyone else. You matter more to Him than you realize. All you need to do is trust in Him, and He will provide. He will show up.
The second revelation I had is the word persistence. I gave up with that dollar store kite too easily, and it showed to my daughter. It wasn’t until I knew that I could put that kite we had at home in the air that I realized that never giving up is when God will show up, according to His will. Give it all you have with all you’ve been given. Never giving up in the God-given ability, and never giving up TRUST that He can show up and redeem in any situation is crucial. It may not look like what we want it to when we learn to trust in His plan and not our own. I wanted so badly to be able to fly a kite with Nora with her other classmates there, to show her I could do it too, just like the other parents. Instead, I had to humble myself and not show off. I had to enjoy the moment and the time with my daughter no matter what the situation. It wasn’t about being able to do something in front of everyone else; it was spending the time with Nora and having fun with her. Teaching my daughter not to give up, not to quit when life gets hard is what I showed her today, and that when we give it our all, God will shine through.